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What the fuck is up.. [Apr. 17th, 2004|01:10 am]
[feeling |tiredtired]
[sounds |oprah]

So i've twisted this thought in my head. About my life, how things are working out.
Green valley is right next to a middle school, mount view or some fucking sort. I was reading again outside because i'm the favorite.
I saw the girl in that school thats going to have that static for the rest of her life. As if shes dancing above the clouds in front of her audience of little boys..
standing on a lunch table.
Remember that kid that was the last one to cross the finish line? I saw him too, and i remember him as if i was in class yesterday. And i wonder, what is it that makes these kids conform to their role. I dont know if its their parents, or maybe just a lucky face. This has always bewilderd me. I think about school structure a lot, especially high school. I'm sure that their is good to being in public school systems, but then again i see nothing but fucking termoil coming from these peoples actions during this period of time.
Just some shit..
But now, i've learned to put on that God dammed poker face i'm famous for. But want to fucking know something?
I will hurt you if you give me a the slightest chance
; D

so, its now almost 1:30 and my night ended at 10.
I'm going to bed now and when i wake up,
i will make 100 dollars in less then four hours

[User Picture]From: notpopular11
2004-04-17 05:02 pm (UTC)
i really loved seeing U MUH!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously missed you!
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