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Yeah [Apr. 12th, 2004|09:22 pm]
[feeling |calmcalm]
[sounds |miss america]

the little guy and me

Well, seems as if its just me and, well me, tonight. Sigh, oh well, butt fuck.. i really wanted to go down to the "O.C" and chill with my friends, god dammit.. well i guess i cant feel upset because theres no point, i have to give in sometimes because.. for some reason i have this relationship with my mom. Or maybe what i'm saying is bullshit, hey who knows. I dyed my hair again today, its a bit more red.. making me excited because it actually looks kind of cool since my hair will never truely be anything more then black anymore.
Sometimes i have dreams about this one ex boyfriend.. i dont know why, i guess i could find a few reasons but.. none to discuss.
I had two soft tacos today and yes ladies and Gentleman i made them myself, ohhh ahhh.. *the crowd goes in excitement*
well, i have things to do that i have been wanting to do all day hopefully he will enjoy it.. im lame and i'm dying without my friend

[User Picture]From: notpopular11
2004-04-13 05:11 am (UTC)
cute my dear very very cute! :)
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